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While Festa Italiana's primary purpose is to showcase Italian culture and heritage--through such activities as food, art, film, dance, literature, music, and fellowship--we also serve annually as a fundraiser for two important local charities.


In 2020 our designated charities are Spare Some for Autism and Military Missions in Action. Usually we support our annual charities through the proceeds of our fall street fair--particularly event sponsorships and vendor fees.

But how can we practice our philanthropy without a 2020 street fair?

We have creatively taken the lemons of this year's public health challenges and fashioned a more than intoxicating batch of delicious, homemade limoncello for all of us!

Fall 2020 Online Benefit Concert

A Worldwide Virtual concert was held October 12, 2020. Our concert featured more than two-and-a-half hours of an incredible array of entertainers while also providing an opportunity for support for our 2020 charities.  Click below to make a donation.



An Italian Sunday Dinner


Following the launch of our October 12 online concert, we hosted a special Italian Sunday dinner at Dino's Capri Restaurant, Raleigh NC, with raffles and prizes given out. Money was raised for our selected charities and a good time was had by all. 


As always, thank YOU for your support of all things Italian and our annual charities!

- Spare Some for Autisim -

Spare Some for Autism seeks to improve the quality of life for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We are dedicated to funding programs that will directly impact the individuals that suffer from ASD and allow them to achieve their highest level of independence within their home, school, and community, all while gaining respect and support for themselves.

Spare Some for Autism also seeks to support families affected by ASD by educating them on such topics as literacy and coping with disabilities so that families will be better prepared to support each other.

Festa Italiana Raleigh team presents 2019 donation.

- Military Missions in Action -

Military Missions in Action assists active-duty personnel, veterans, and military families through 5 main programs that aid in independent living and morale support.








Click here for message from MMIA.


Festa Italiana Raleigh team presents 2019 donation.

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